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Our Website is currently under construction. We will be adding new inventory daily.

Astrological August and the Solar Eclipse

Welcome to August 2017 and hold on tight!  The astrological energy is going to be all over the place this month but with a little planning you can use it to bring about great positive change.


Let’s start with a list of what is going to happen and when:

  • 2nd Uranus goes retrograde in Aries
  • 7th Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius
  • 13th Mercury Retrograde in Virgo (Goes direct Sept 5th)
  • 21st Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo
  • 25th Saturn goes Direct in Sagittarius

    Okay.  Take a deep breath.  This isn’t as crazy as it seems, or is it?  Let’s face it, the heavy hitters are the lunar eclipse with a full moon, Mercury retrograde and then the Solar Eclipse in the New Moon.  When you break it down it actually works out.


    First let’s deal with the Lunar Eclipse.  A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon and a lunar eclipse can only occur on a Full Moon. The power of a lunar eclipse will challenge your emotional readiness for a change. During a lunar eclipse you will face your own insecurities.  A lunar eclipse is the perfect timing to face the past and find out the roots of your fears/insecurities, how they are linked to you, your emotions and your current state of being. To that personal journey you are advised to seek the guidance of your allies: angels, fairies, ghosts of loved ones, your higher self, the God(s) that will help you in your quest for truth and the time of the eclipse is perfect for that as it will allow you to contact ‘other worlds” and “other states of being”.  Ready yourself for change because change is coming!


    Now what about Mercury retrograde?  We all know that when Mercury goes retrograde things tend to go astray.  Communication breakdowns, delays, issues with technology and difficulty completing tasks are all known to occur during this time. So what do you do?  Take this time to plan! Continue the work that you started during the lunar eclipse.  Now that you are emotionally ready for change, what do you want that change to look like? 


    Finally the Solar Eclipse!  Now is the Time for you to bring that change into being, right?  One problem, Mercury is still retrograde!!!!  Arrrg!  How can you start something new with Mercury hanging over your head, screwing everything up?  Well, if you have done the work to prepare yourself and have a clear expectation of the change that you are seeking you will be fine.  Keep your magical workings firmly grounded in peace and love.  Use this amazing time to transform yourself and your life.  Solar Eclipse magic is the perfect timing for a Metamorphosis, transcendence to a new state of being. 


    No matter what you do this month promises to bring some exciting energy into our lives so get out there and make good things happen!

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