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The Dragon Pentacle Box measures 9 3/4" long x 5 3/4" wide x 5 1/4" deep and will be able to hold many different items including tarot decks, herbs, crystals and wedding or handfasting cards and keepsakes. The original artwork was done in Pen and Ink and is reproduced on a parchment style paper to give the box a vintage look.  The inside of this box is nice and deep and has an acrylic matt finish to protect the image.  

Add a custom message to the inside of the lid to make this a unique keepsake.

The upright pentacle, is a five pointed star with the single point on top, pointing towards the
sky enclosed in a circle. The five points symbolize Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. The pentacle is used for protection, wisdom and empowerment. In many cultures dragons are viewed as representing the primal forces in nature and the universe. They are the ultimate protectors and guardians. The three dragons are intertwined with the pentacle and represent the elements of air, water and earth. I chose to do three dragons because the number 3 is a sacred number in Celtic lore.

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