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This beautiful dragon pendant is handmade with the artwork from my "All Curled Up" print. I start with a wooden disk that measures 1.5" in diameter and paint it black. The pen and ink design is reproduced on parchment style paper to give it a vintage feel. It is then applied to the disk with several coats of sealer to protect the design. A brilliant silver bail is attached to the back of the pendant using marine grade glue. It comes with a 24" waxed cotton cord that I tie into a sliding knot. The pendant comes on a card with the design meaning printed on the front. 

In many cultures dragons are viewed as representing the primal forces in nature and the universe. They are both creators and destroyers. Dragons in European traditions have wings, allowing them to soar freely above, and see the “big picture” It also gives them the ability to see far off danger or future circumstances making them the ultimate protectors and guardians.

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