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The original design was done in pen and ink and has been printed on parchment paper to give the box a vintage look. The box measures 9 3/4" long x 5 3/4" wide x 5 1/4" deep. It is finished with an acrylic matt finish to protect the image. The inside of this box is nice and deep and will be able to hold many different items including tarot decks, herbs, crystals and wedding or handfasting cards and keepsakes. Made to order.

The front has a text box that can be customized.  I have three standard messages for the front or you can choose your own custom wording. 

  1. With my hands I give you my heart and crown it with my love.
  2. Love, Loyalty, Friendship
  3. Names and Date  (Please leave Names and Date in note with order)
  4. Custom Wording (Please leave a note with the order exactly as you would like the message to read)

You can also choose to add an additional custom message to the inside of the lid.  Please leave custom wording in note with order as you would like it to read.

If there are any questions with the customization of your box we will contact you.

The Claddagh Design is depicted by two hands clutching a heart complete
with crown and epitomizes the expression of lasting love and eternal friendship. The heart symbolizes Love, the hands Friendship and the crown Fidelity.

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