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The Celtic Dragon Box is perfect for holding all sorts of interesting treasures, from tarot cards to crystals! This wooden box measures 6.6" x 3.5" x 3.5" and has brass hinges and clasp. The dragon image on the cover is from my "All Curled Up" painting done in black and white on a parchment paper so it has that vintage look to it. All four sides have Celtic knots on them. The box is sealed with a clear acrylic matt finish.

You can customize your dragon box by adding a personal message on the inside lid of the box. Use names and dates or the message of your choice. Please include the wording as you would like it to appear with your order.

Dragons are well known for their love of treasure. They symbolize power and protection. It is for this reason that they make excellent guardians. What kind of treasure will this dragon be guarding when you get him home?

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