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The Great Horned Owl Box features an original image created by artist Melanie Fuller.  The small wooden owl box measures 5.5" long by 2.75" wide and 2.75" high. The box is painted black, inside and out and the artwork is permanently applied to the top and sides.  The lore of the owl totem animal is included on the bottom of the box.  A protective finish ensures that your keepsake box will last for years. 

Just the thing to hold crystals, herbs and jewelry among other treasures. The Owl on the lid of the box is from my "Celtic Owl Totem" print. The print is done on parchment paper to give the box a vintage look and the sides have the classic Celtic knot designs.

The box is handmade in our Sanford Maine studios.  Made to order items usually take 3-7 days for processing.  Please contact us if you have a specific date that you need the box to arrive by as processing times can vary.

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